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Darkness Man is a mascot in Club Penguin Rewritten. He is the main villain of the Darkness Party. He is a former actor and EPF Agent with over 12 years of experience. His plan for the first Darkness Party, Operation Darkness was to keep the town depressed and become supreme leader of Club Penguin Island.


  • "It is I, Darkness Man"
  • "Darkness aways catches up"
  • "Darkness is the best medicine"
  • "I'm edgy"
  • "Darkness Party when?"
  • "So long, puny penguins"

Card-Jitsu Shadow Quotes

  • "You're weak" When losing against him
  • "I see you want to join the dark side" When asking to join Card-Jitsu Shadow
  • "I...I... I let you win" When winning against him
  • "Here you go, idiot" When winning your Shadow Fedora