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Operation Darknessis a party that was unoffically confirmed on the What's New page on the Club Penguin Rewritten website 11th, December 2017. It will feature Card Jitsu: Shadow, 2 new mascots and a new puffle.

It is set to release February 26, it will be an EPF party where Herbert makes all the penguins on the island sad by painting the island grey. It will have 4 phases.


Darkness Party (February 26th)

Herbert is in control of the island.

Operation: Darkness (March 2nd)

Darkness Man takes over.

The Final Battle (March 18th)

Sensei opens up the Darkness Dimension.

Card-Jitsu Shadow Grand Opening (March 20th)

Darkness Man is defeated and Sensei opens the Shadow Dojo.


The Story is not final, since the party hasn't released

After Herbert' s plan to drain the light out of the island didn't work, he decides to paint the island black and white with an army of Paint-Bots while the penguins sleep, thus making the penguins sad so they are more vunerable and won't care when he tries to drain the light again.

However, his plan fails when Gary gives powers to the play character Shadow Guy, who becomes Darkness Man, and attempts stop Herbert.

Unfortunately, he sees other use in his powers, and begins to try to take over the island, making everything as edgy as possible. In another turn for the worse, Darkness Man turns Herbert into Greyscale Herbert and Darkness Man employs Greyscale Herbert as his minion, also taking control of the Paint Bots.

The Paint-Bots go haywire and start painting everything they see. Their eyes start glitching, so they can't tell who's who. They start attacking the penguins and climb out of the Crab Cave. While this is happening, Darkness Man is in the Darkness Dimension so can't control the crabs.

While all the other penguins were getting depressed due to the lack of colour, Sensei managed to resist it, because he was already so wise and grey. The Ninja and EPF team up so that Sensei can train the EPF agents to calm them and make them happy. Sensi also does this with DJ Maxx, who helps him. Sensei and Maxx open up a Darkness Portal in the Dojo, which leads the way to the the Darkness Dimension to face Darkness Man. The penguins must defeat Darkness Man in a game of Card-Jitsu to save the island.

This inspires Sensei to open the Shadow Dojo in the Darkness Dimension.